Year 7 Fantasy Maps

Year 7 have recently completed a project in Geography in which they created a ‘fantasy map’ and description showing the skils they have been learning in lessons.
This example by Jamie Hewitt shows fantastic effort, but is just one of many great projects produced.
Well done year 7,
Ms Easton

Year 7 Pantomine

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A good time was had by all on Tuesday 12th December when a group of year 7 students attended a Griffin School Trust production of ‘The Epic Adventures of Robin Hood’.

We travelled from school to the Stantonbury Theatre by coach in the afternoon, despite the weather, and arrived just in time for the performance which was absolutely amazing.
Mr West was chosen from the audience to take part in a game of twister which was great fun.
There were plenty of Festive songs played on the return journey and we arrived back at school just before 6pm.
Thanks to all the students for their brilliant behaviour they represented our school excellently, cant wait until next year!

Engineering Opportunities

The Bae in conjunction with the Royal Navy and the army came in this week to speak to Year 7 about careers in engineering. Students were shown drones and had the opportunity to try to hack a drone. They also saw a drone which was the same size as a wasp.

 Year 7s also learnt about binary code and met Mya the humanoid robot who was able to follow commands to lift her arms up, sit down and even tell us we were all beautiful!
Mrs Johal

Year 7 Harry Potter Day

We celebrated our first ever Harry Potter Day at NCS on Wednesday 18th October.  The students all came to the hall and were welcomed by Mrs Ramsey & some quite witchy staff  & the events of the day were explained.

During the morning students worked with their tutor group on a number of challenges that they had to complete within a tight time limit.  Teamwork & perseverance  were two vital skills that they had to use throughout this challenge.

After break there was an individual challenge where students had to create a brand new spell.  Not only did they have to write about it, they also had to create a 3 dimensional model using some usual items including: straws, small glasses, pipe cleaners.

After lunch Mrs ‘Dumbledore’ Ramsay presented prizes to the winning form who demonstrated excellent teamwork skills – 7DLO and also awarded individual prizes for independence and excellence.

>A great day all round!  We can’t wait to do it again next year.

Year 7 Maths with Ms Durrant

Year 7 have figured out how the Fibonacci sequence works, solved Fibonacci style sequences, created their own sequence, researched where it can be found in the real world, and even looked at why Spongebob’s pineapple isn’t really a pineapple at all. We’ve had a lot of fun and they were really keen to find out as much as they could. They have also looked at patterns in Pascal’s triangle.

Anti Bullying Week Poster Competition



Stop bullying now, show your support by entering the poster competition to promote anti-bullying week 13th November 2017. All entries will receive one house point plus prizes for each form winner and the overall winner.

Concerned about someone being bullied? Report it below.