Well done to Hollie, Lois and Eve for their participation in the County Combined Athletics Championships on 3rd May. They competed in the 80m sprint, long jump, shot putt and 600m and showed great determination to succeed.

Athletics training is on every Thursday 3:30 – 4:30pm and the next year 7 competition at the Pingles is on 21st June. Please see me if you are interested.

Ms Hirst


Year 7 “A Strange Place”

Year 7 students were asked to write a GCSE narrative style response to ‘ A Strange place’ in the Gothic unit of work.┬áSee an outstanding piece written by Jamie Hewitt

Ms Singh

Strange Place BY Jamie Hewitt

The radiant sun rose up above the calm horizon, bathing the land in the
bright light of dawn. The waves lapped calmly at the shore, accompanied by a
slight breeze, floating in land with the grace of a dove. The sand lay still,
basking in the heat and adoring the stillness of the morning. The cliffs rose up
to state their existence among the scenery. The place was calm, serene, an
untouched paradise. However, the unimaginable place hid one, dark, terrible, secret.

At the west side of the beach, a silhouette of darkest ebony black appeared. It
was a man, but no ordinary man. He held a guilty conscience, buried deep in
his soul. He was young but endorsed no features of that age. He was withered
by experiences of his life and deformed. A mysterious figure, he was dressed in
robes of darkest magenta. He stepped forward and walked down to the beach, spreading darkness with him.

Meanwhile, far on the East, a woman stood. She also held a guilty conscience,
but unlike her colleague showed no signs of it. Her bright maroon hair flowed
gracefully down to her shoulders, accompanied with the beauty of a middle
aged woman. She wore a dark robe of ruby and bore a soul of pure direst
cruelty. She stepped forward and walked down to the beach, spreading darkness with her.

On the north side, opposite the ocean, the leader had arrived, his presence
installing a deep cold and evil among the cliffs, encasing the beach in darkness.
He was of an enormous build, muscles bulging and strength unimaginable. He
possessed no remorse nor any faint trace of happiness or pleasure. He stood,
silently, unmoving, like a stone bringer of death. He bore a thick, vulgar scar
etched down the left side of his face, no doubt acquired from his dark line of
work. He stepped forward and walked down to the beach, spreading darkness with him.

It had begun. The three were united once more, and the entire universe was at risk again.