Summer Holiday Challenge

To keep your brains active over the summer we have set you a series of challenges to complete. Each completed challenge will be rewarded with points for your House in the Autumn term. You may choose to bring in photos or leave your responses on the blog, it is your choice. Return your completed challenges to your Form Tutor in September.

Year 7 Summer Holiday Challenge

School Uniform

Full details of the uniform is on our website and will also be handed out on induction day. In short students must have:

Boys :

  • Black polishable shoes without logos. Trainers and pumps are not permitted. Tip Think wedding or interview.
  • Black tailored trousers. These must be the same style as sold in Toye, Kenning and Spencer.No jeans or tight fitting trousers.
  • School Blazer
  • Burgundy School Jumper (optional)
  • School Tie
  • House Pin Badge (given out on the first day)
  • Dark, plain outdoor coat (no hoodies, sweatshirts or tracksuit tops).
  • White collared shirt short or long sleeved.


  • Black polishable flat shoes without logos. Trainers and pumps are not permitted.
  • Black tailored trousers or knee length skirt. No jeans,  tight fitting and/or stretchy garments. These must be the same style as sold in Toye, Kenning and Spencer.
  • School Blazer
  • Burgundy School Jumper or Cardigan (optional)
  • School Tie
  • House Pin Badge (given out on the first day)
  • Dark, plain outdoor coat (no hoodies, sweatshirts or tracksuit tops).
  • White collared blouse short or long sleeved with a top button.


Message From Head of Year 7

Hi my name is Ms Flounders and I am Head of Year for year 7, Pastoral Lead for Year 6 to Year 7 Transition and Senior Hub Lead.
I am really looking forward to getting to know all of you and helping you throughout the start of your journey through our school.  There are so many opportunities for all of you here if you work hard, have a positive attitude and always try your best, which I know you will as I have had some great feedback from your primary school teachers about each of you. I am  now excited for you all to enter the next chapter of your education and I hope you are too.
See you all on 6th July.
Best wishes
Ms Flounders

Messages From Tutors


I’m very excited to meet you all on July 6th for Induction Day. Don’t worry about starting at a new school, it’s my job to look after you and I will help you with anything that you need. You’re going to have lots of fun and we’re going to win all of the House competitions because you are lucky enough to be in the amazing Drake House. I work in the PE department and I hope to see you all attend the fabulous extra-curricular clubs that we offer and maybe even play for a school team. There are lots of exciting opportunities across the whole school and I hope you make the most of these too.

See you all soon,

Ms Hirst


HELLO and WELCOME to Nicholas Chamberlaine School. My name is Ms. Badhesha and I am very excited to see you (year 7 tutor group) on Thursday. I belong to the Drake house and teach Maths in this school. I am sure you are quite nervous about starting in a secondary school, but by working together as a team, I am sure it will become the most enjoyable and memorable experience. Being in a secondary school brings lots of new opportunities for you to grasp; and remember we are here to support you in any shape or form. I hope you all have a lovely and relaxing summer holiday and I look forward to working with you in September.



Hello 7GRL. 

My name is Ms Robertson and I work within the sixth form centre at Nicholas Chamberlaine School. I will be your Form Tutor from September 2017 and we are in Livingstone House. I have been at this school for 3 years and you are my first Year 7 class, so we will all be new to this. I am really looking forward to meeting you all on Thursday and I will do my best to answer any questions you may have.

See you all then.


Welcome 7SSL to Nicholas Chamberlaine. I’m really looking forward to sharing your journey with you and being your form tutor. We are in Livingstone House (we are the best house…no matter what anyone tells you!!) A little bit about me…I’m Ms Scanlon, I teach Business Studies & Sociology, I have taught at the school for 10 years & in my spare time I love playing netball. I also help to run the school team. I hope that you have enjoyed your induction day & are looking forward to starting in September. I would like you to have a think about an interesting fact that you can share with the rest of the form about yourself. Have a great summer!
Ms Scanlon.


Hello and welcome to Nicholas Chamberlaine School!
My name is Mr Brindley and I’ll be the form tutor for 7JBK. Heading into Year 7 is one of the most exciting times of your life.  In front of you is a tremendous opportunity to make new friends, meet new teachers and gain new knowledge.  I’m sure that with hard work and enthusiasm, you can achieve great things.
As for myself, I am a Maths teacher. Outside of school, I play football and tennis, occasionally snowboard and enjoy watching ice hockey. I’m looking forward to meeting you all in September!


Hello 7KJK
It won’t be long now until we get to meet on your first day of Nicholas Chamberlaine. You’re bound to have a mixture of feelings about coming to secondary school; excitement, anxiety, nerves or maybe hopefully happy! However you feel, you will always have someone to talk to and a friendly face to see at the end of each day at form time. There are also new subjects to learn, my subject Drama might be one of them, new friends to make and a whole variety of new groups and clubs to experience.  I’m looking forward to getting to know each of you and helping you on your journey to having a great time with us at Nicholas Chamberlaine!
Ms Johnson



Hello 7HEC!

It was really great to meet you on induction day and I’m excited for you to start in September so we can really get going as a form.

I’ve been teaching at Nicholas Chamberlaine for four years now as a Geography teacher. Love Geography… hopefully you will too! I get involved in a variety of extra curricular activities around school and I hope that you take up opportunities offered at the start of the new school year.

I’m quite competitive when it comes to the house and inter-form competitions, so be prepared to win!

See you soon,
Miss Easton